“If it were up to me I’d send you to prison for every day possible. I would forget about you before I got home.” - Judge Mark E Powell’s words according to the official court transcript from Waynesville nc and personally witnessed by ME, Alexander’s father, in real time as it was said in open court. This statement by the “Judge” substantiates judicial vindictiveness and in my opinion justifies a new sentencing hearing, but no one ever listens, no one ever admits they made a mistake.

Alexander Brown

Alexander Brown

What you’re about to read has the potential to permanently change the way you view the justice system in The United States of America and in particular the sleepy mountain town of Waynesville NC. The case of our son, Alexander Brown, could very easily be the case of your son or loved one. And it creates a very disturbing contrast when compared to the claims of fairness and equality that are proclaimed by authorities that govern here. While it may be true that all men are created equal, it’s also abundantly clear that all men are not treated as equals in a court of law. Wealth and influence are rewarded while poverty and obscurity are punished, and I don’t make that claim lightly. My research into Alexanders case has taken me on a journey from which I can never return; the simple naivety that I once enjoyed in regards to truth, justice, and the American way is long since behind me now. Since my son was sent to prison as a non-violent first time offender I’ve witnessed the very same court issue wrist slaps to the likes of child molesters, church arsonists and murderers, free to return to society to rape and kill again. Free …. to return to your neighborhood. Free … to repeat their offenses on your loved ones, or your property. Free …. while my son sits and stares out a window as the best years of his life pass him by. They, the wealthy criminals, were afforded mercy, while my indigent son was refused. To this very day … he has not been shown a single drop of mercy or compassion. The politicians and big shot lawyers and DA’s in waynesville nc don’t like to talk about it but as a father of 5 who loves his oldest son, it’s my favorite subject.

Purpose & Intent

It’s the purpose of this website to garner support and gather signatures for Alexander, who was sentenced to 6-8 years in prison at the age of 17 with no priors, convicted of a non-violent crime of adolescence which resulted in no injury to any living thing, by Judge Mark E. Powell at the insistence of District Attorney Michael Bonfoey, Assistant District Attorney Taylor Reid and with the assistance of Alexander’s very own court appointed attorney’s Bill Jones. Jones’ performance was especially troubling as he’s considered by most to be the best defense attorney in the area yet he couldn’t even secure concurrent sentencing for a no-prior’s youth accused of a nonviolent crime. Another notable name is attorney Pam Smith who, according to the official court transcript, should be disbarred immediately. (digital copies of the transcripts I refer to throughout this site are available upon request. Just use our contact page and send me a note I’d be glad to forward a copy to you). The court you just read about is located in Waynesville NC which resides within and is the county seat of Haywood County, North Carolina.

You can help us help Alexander by signing our petition, sharing our story with your friends and praying for a miracle

Please help us bring this young man relief from his unprecedented persecution. Read our story, sign our petition, contact local Haywood County NC politicians and ask them why YOU are footing the bill so that injustice may live. Forward our link, tell a friend, get involved. Help us make this the last year that Alexander has to waste in prison. Prayers are appreciated and much needed. God bless you.

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