Canton Probation Officer Shoots & Kills Parolee   I told you it wouldn’t be long before the State Bureau of Investigation was right back in Haywood County. This time, investigating a probation officer who just this past wednesday, shot and killed one of his previous parolee’s. The story goes that the PO was checking up on some of his previous cases […]

Transcripts Complete

We received the last of 3 transcripts yesterday, July 14th from Waynesville NC and the Haywood County Courthouse. We now have all the details from the various Haywood County, NC court appearances Alexander made. We have the names of all parties involved, the dates and times, etc. If I could I would send you to […]

Google advancments has now been indexed 97 times by google and has been afforded an initial page rank of 1(out of 10)  … which is no small feat considering the very narrow scope of our subject material.   i re-checked our judge standings and we are locked in the 5th position for his name.   NOW, […]

Right to Counsel in Postconviction Proceedings

In Martinez v. Ryan, an Arizona prisoner was denied the chance to challenge his trial lawyer’s poor performance because his post-conviction lawyer failed to raise the claims. The Court granted review to address whether there should be a constitutionally-recognized right to counsel in postconviction proceedings where postconviction is the first chance to raise constitutional claims […]