Purpose & Intent

It is the purpose of this website to lay out the details of our son Alexanders case, keep a recorded log of all findings and happenings pertaining to his case, and bring awareness to his plight. It is our intention, considering the poor decisions and lack of judicial common sense shown in regard to our son, as well as the overwhelming and undeniable proof we have amassed in his favor, to make this case highly visible and to bring those implicated in wrong doing into the courtroom of public opinion in an attempt to bring relief to a very deserving young man. That attempt will envelope this website as well as social media sites, video documentaries, communications with local and state officials, local area newspapers and possibly even organized and peaceful demonstrations within the city limits of the town of Waynesville. This movement shall not cease, and I boldy underline shall not cease …. until our son and brother and grandson and nephew… and good friend that we all love so much comes home to us.

Somewhere out there, amongst all the hundreds and eventually thousands of eyes reading this, one day will appear someone that can help bring Alexander home to his family. Please help us bring this young man relief from his unprecedented persecution.

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