Targeted Backlinking & Upcoming Challenges

Merry Christmas to my son Alexander. I just paid a programmer to install 300 .EDU backlinks to … Backlinks, and especially highly trusted .EDU (educational) site links, are the trusted indicators google looks for when deciding how to rank a website for certain “keywords” which the programmer installs as he’s going through the process.

One of the things the programmer asks for in order to perform this task is which set of 3 keywords I want to go after. In order to determine the [exact] number of searches a month a certain keyword receives as well as the level of competition is very simple using a tool called “google keyword tool” …. I used the tool to determine the 3 keywords I want to pursue and here they are:

injustice which gets 22,200 global and 6,600 local searches per month and is low competition.

justice which according to google is “low” competition although no keyword with 673,000 global & 368,000 local searches per month can be very easy to rank for. It would be nice to snag just a small portion though.

And finally, the trump card:  waynesville nc: This keyword receives 9,900 unique and exact searches per month. The competition factor is very, VERY low. My biggest competition there will be the mountaineer newspaper and waynesvillelive … maybe some of the real estate sites …. so it’s ‘weak’ ,,, an easy target … and with these big boy backlinks, is a sitting duck. A top five or better ranking for that keyword is gonna position freealexander squarely in front of every tourist that has plans to visit the town of waynesville. If just a third of them click our link, that’s over 3,000 unique visits per month at the expense and to the detriment of waynesville nc.

It will take John 3-6 days to complete the process. In my experience within a week of his completion freealexander will completely drop off the radar for a short time, perhaps as little as a few days to upwards of a week. Then the slingshot effect which happens immediately and represents google resetting with all the data it’s spiders collected over the previous weeks crawls. Once that reset occurs and the algorithms begin to reflect the new data, we will re-emerge in our new position(s). Considering the weakness of the competition for our chosen keywords and considering the high quality of .EDU backlinks in such great quantity … we may very well own the top spot or be very near it, at which point our traffic will begin to pick up substantially.

I want to make it clear here that I have no animosity toward the actual town itself. It’s a gorgeous Mayberryesque town that I honestly miss (really miss the rec center). But behind closed doors things are happening there in the judicial system that need to be addressed. Bringing negative attention to the corruption in the courthouse there is my way of hurling boulders over the fence and making sure that Alexander Brown is a name that will stir memories of regret for every single big shot da/lawyer/judge that took part in the live skinning of my son, for years to come. The more links I add … the more faxes I send …. the more news stories that are published, nationwide, the more signatures we get with damning comments, the bigger those boulders will become. And they won’t subside until Alex is home. His return to freedom will end this, which is also a point I want to make perfectly clear. His freedom is the brass ring here … anything less is unacceptable.

We are approaching two years now since our son was taken from us. As the coming weeks and months expire this campaign will intensify until phones and fax machines ring on a constant basis on behalf of Alex.  Two years is enough. I’ll consider further imprisonment beyond the first week in february 2012 an act of aggression and hostility by the once great state of north carolina at the request of haywood county. If June 3 of next year, Alex’s 22nd birthday, comes and goes and he remains in prison, I’m going to sue the state of north carolina and the county of haywood in federal court for pain and suffering. And it won’t cost me one thin dime …

This is what I do … this is what I’ve become. This is as real as it gets.

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    Dad Post author

    John contacted me this evening. This session of backlinking is completed.

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