Fathers Day 2011

Today, June 19th, 2011 is a very dreary fathers day for me. While it’s true that I have many reasons to celebrate such as the promise of a new life, two beautiful grown sons that have all of their fingers and toes and a  stepdaughter from a previous marriage that never ceases to amaze me with her beauty and intellect … I find myself sitting and pondering the past year. Alexanders case and the injustices and raping of liberty in relation to my oldest son, lead me to begin research into the local affairs of haywood county. When the initial research concluded, my practice of reading about the injustices taking place on a daily basis in this world … and in this country, did not. It grew larger in fact. While this is a lifelong endeavor and the research into the affairs of our nations leaders will never conclude, I have long since reached a position of contempt for them and the damage they have inflicted upon my country and my loved ones.

I am, for the first time in 41 years … awakened to what is happening to this world that we call home. I realize that if something drastic doesn’t take place …. now, that my children and their children will be in the streets fighting for their lives against a tyrannical government intent on socialist oppression. I am convinced that the longer the problem is allowed to manifest itself, the deeper it becomes rooted and the harder it will be to pluck. The roots didn’t appear overnight. They have taken decades to form … which is the only avenue to true power, by introducing your agenda more slowly, … methodically. By creating their own media, and inundating said media with their messages that dull us to the obvious facts which surround us. By operating behind closed doors and passing laws hidden beneath the guise of legitimate legislation. Such an overtaking of liberty and freedom is in it’s latter stages and as the politicians progress in their corruption, they also speed up the rate at which they operate, much like geometrical progression in that the longer it goes on, the faster and more profound each injustice is introduced. They have become so utterly brash, that I’m convinced that the American people have stopped paying attention.

American people that have been fathered, and mothered by patriots who ‘want better for their children’. That hope has not materialized. Our society now dictates that upon turning 16 years of age that each individual begin pursuing employment or higher education and being paying into the machine that keeps us all so enslaved that we no longer have the mental fortitude to keep a close eye on those we put into power to speak on our behalf. A society that once housed the “bread winner” mentality that men go to work and women stay home and nurture the young, now dictates that we must ALL enter the workforce … just to simply stay afloat. This is no coincidence. It’s a part of the grand scheme of the affluent and elitists that have invaded our politics seeking power and bringing corruption in an attempt to gain more control and influence over our lives.

I, for the first time in my life … have befriended a cause that has taken me in as one of their own and even assigned me duties. This group has become the brothers and sisters of me, an only child. They seek peace and justice and operate on the contention that love trumps all. We insist on taking action now, today … not next month or next year, or as some may feel inclined to eye, the next generation. We have begun the long road home, by hiding our faces from the enemy and gaining complete anonymity to them, allowing us to infiltrate their substructure, by creating new, credible media that can be catapulted into the realm of what we today consider ‘mainstream media’ in an attempt to combat the charade that has taken over our lines of communication. By grooming faceless candidates for office that promote an ideology of less government  ran by employees of the people who are subservient to the people. Not rock stars hell bent on snowballing power into some sort of legitimized dictatorship of hidden personal agendas, pandering to our enemies and working in direct conflict of whats best for America.

It is my Fathers Day wish that my involvement with this secret society may one day open avenues of freedom and liberty for my children, and my grandchildren … and all my descendants both direct and collateral. That they may one day enjoy the freedoms that America has to offer, but as of yet has to provide. That they may live in a country that is free from cruelty in the name of greed and the almighty dollar and to live in a world that cares more about helping those that are oppressed and jailed in concentration camps worldwide, than it does about causing war in nations in which it is not welcomed by the people. I wish for them the right to own a home outright, without paying a yearly ‘rent’ to the government, the non-payment of which currently, at the time of this writing … results in foreclosure. The right to earn a good wage that is not taxed at the point of earning, spending and owning. The right to … open a lemonade stand without being persecuted and fined.

The fight continues and perhaps tomorrow or generations down the road, will succeed.  Because just as our opponents have slowly, and methodically leached their corrupt and socialistic beliefs into our society in a successful attempt to numb the citizens as to their actions, so shall we leach our message of peace, love and universal prosperity coupled with rebellion against any government that stands in the way of that occurring. One day, upon being awakened, if it is still in fact necessary …. my children will find the tools and learn the details of my involvement with this group, with explicit instructions on how to proceed if our efforts of today … are in vain. Just as the enemy passes the torch of corruption, so shall we pass the torch of justice, healing and brotherhood amongst all men…….. to our children.

-we are legion


The SBI is in Haywood County

Reports have surfaced in one waynesville publication as well as TV reports in asheville , yet there is still no reference to this very important story in the enterprise mountaineer. But basically, Roy Coopers SBI is there digging around the DA’s office, due to the resignation of Reid Brown. DA Bonfoey claims he asked them to come, but common sense tells us that DA’s don’t invite the SBI to come dig through their business. The SBI is there due to complaints, from freealexander.org and our many supporters. That place cannot continue to turn hardened criminals that rape babies, burn down churches and kill people …back out into society with a slap on the wrist, while my son rots in prison for a crime that resulted in no injury to anyone … NOBODY. He is being required to carry the punishments of these monsters because they had money to play ball with the big boys and Alexander did not. If you care about Alexander … or even if you don’t know him but are pulling for him and our campaign to free him, please use our social media tabs to share this story with your friends and ask them to come here and sign our petition.

Smokey Mountain News:







counsel on retainer

the last few weeks have found us in contact with post conviction legal counsel. Thanks to a generous donation from anonymous donors from within Kaycee’s very own church group that counsel has now been put on retainer and is currently in investigative stage I. It was the diligence of Kaycee in informing the Church of Alexander’s predicament that allowed their hearts to be touched.

I’m not sure who those folks are, but I’m convinced it’s the most work a dollar has done in this country in a very long time. They have supported not only Alexander, but the message that our Savior brought to earth. A message of justice tempered with mercy, not cruelty. What wonderful people and a wonderful legacy that shows their enthusiasm for promoting Christianity. I can only hope that I will one day be in a position to do the same for a deserving cause. To take some money and turn it into freeing another voice for Jesus … is as miraculous as turning water into wine. Thank you …

updated media

just updated the media page to include a HD downloadable of the latest video as well as some new graphic images taken from the panels of the first video, a situation map, etc.


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Motion for Appropriate Relief

The MAR is a vital document in that it gives someone incarcerated a chance to appeal to the court for one last gasp of air, so to speak, AFTER being locked up. One last look from a judge. ALL forms for motions, including the fabled MAR … go BACK through the original court. In this case, Haywood county, NC.

Alexander filed his MAR shortly after showing up in POLK correctional. His mother and I assisted via the US mail in preparing it.

When I went to the haywood county clerk of court recently to pull documents pertaining to Alexanders case I asked to view the MAR and the judges subsequent response.

The clerk informed me there was no MAR in his file … WHY? … that is currently being investigated but for once, I don’t think the blame in this situation falls on Haywood County … so, who else could have intercepted this document?…. why would anyone want to obstruct justice???

Denied 6th Amendment ‘Right to a Speedy Trial’

It took 10 months (290 days) for the superior court of haywood county to rule on Alexanders case and pass sentencing. Considering that the defense was urging Alexander to plead guilty, with no rebuttals and zero repudiation … the case should have been heard and ruled on months and months prior. In all actuality it should have been taken care of the first time it came to court … but for whatever reason, it was constantly put off to a later date. According to the U.S. Constitution citing a speedy trial, it should have taken no longer than 70 days.  NC’s “speedy trial” statute was abandoned by the state in 1989, but the old statute stated that a reasonable amount of time for a defendant to wait for a trial was 120 days.  Nearly all states have ‘speedy trial’ statues in place, but for some mystery reason, the state of NC decided it no longer wanted to insure the rights of its citizens. Regardless, my son is a natural born citizen of the United States and as such is protected by the fundamental laws of the constitution, first and foremost. He has been denied his right to a Speedy Trial and due process by the county of Haywood as well as the state of North Carolina. I’m positive a Supreme Court would agree. It would certainly be cause for the two aforementioned entities to show their reasons for such a lengthy delay.

What ARE some reasons for delaying court proceedings? And, if the defendant causes the delay(s), is the time he wasted applied to or removed from the Speedy Trial provision? Read more in the forum … here

Purpose & Intent

It is the purpose of this website to lay out the details of our son Alexanders case, keep a recorded log of all findings and happenings pertaining to his case, and bring awareness to his plight. It is our intention, considering the poor decisions and lack of judicial common sense shown in regard to our son, as well as the overwhelming and undeniable proof we have amassed in his favor, to make this case highly visible and to bring those implicated in wrong doing into the courtroom of public opinion in an attempt to bring relief to a very deserving young man. That attempt will envelope this website as well as social media sites, video documentaries, communications with local and state officials, local area newspapers and possibly even organized and peaceful demonstrations within the city limits of the town of Waynesville. This movement shall not cease, and I boldy underline shall not cease …. until our son and brother and grandson and nephew… and good friend that we all love so much comes home to us.

Somewhere out there, amongst all the hundreds and eventually thousands of eyes reading this, one day will appear someone that can help bring Alexander home to his family. Please help us bring this young man relief from his unprecedented persecution.

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Cruel & Unusual according to the 8th Amendment

Traditionally, the length of a prison sentence was not subject to scrutiny under the Eighth Amendment, regardless of the crime for which the sentence was imposed. It was not until the case of Solem v. Helm, 463 U.S. 277 (1983), that the Supreme Court held that incarceration, standing alone, could constitute cruel and unusual punishment if it were “disproportionate” in duration to the offense. The Court outlined three factors that were to be considered in determining if the sentence is excessive: “(i) the gravity of the offense and the harshness of the penalty; (ii) the sentences imposed on other criminals in the same jurisdiction; and (iii) the sentences imposed for commission of the same crime in other jurisdictions.