Canton Probation Officer Shoots & Kills Parolee


I told you it wouldn’t be long before the State Bureau of Investigation was right back in Haywood County. This time, investigating a probation officer who just this past wednesday, shot and killed one of his previous parolee’s. The story goes that the PO was checking up on some of his previous cases when he spotted the soon to be DEAD man walking down the street and recognized him as a previous client(the article doesn’t go into details, but my sources in haywood tell me it happened at the intersection of newfound st and church st in canton) . The PO approached the ex-con and a struggle for his gun ensued. The PO shot and killed the man point blank.

I don’t want to be misconstrued as soft on police, nor punishment of crimes. I’m not. I know we need police and probation officers, as well as DA’s and judges. But it amazes me that with the technologies that we are now afforded, that there is no other way besides pulling a loaded gun and ending a mans life, to stop physical resistance by an officer of the law. They are equipped with electronic tazers and pepper spray which are just as debilitating as a slug to the skull, just not as permanent.

The madness in haywood county, NC continues to unfold on a daily basis. Now, I suppose probation officers have been afforded the title of judge, jury and executioner. It’s just one more log onto a fire that is beginning to roar out of control in the mega capital of injustice named Haywood, NC.

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  1. Dad Post author

    Thanks Johnny, I appreciate your comment and respect your biased opinion but there’s nothing in your comment that “enlightened me” or changed the fact that one of your fellow probation officers shot and killed an unarmed man. Just more lame excuses as to why it was justified.

    There’s no justification in killing an unarmed man. He WENT for the gun and missed, and God only knows what he would have done had he gotten possession of that sidearm; but “what if” doesn’t justify blowing a human beings head off. “He could have killed me” doesn’t substantiate killing him once control has been regained by the PO. Once the struggle for the gun ended and the PO had regained control of his weapon the resulting outcome should have included a superficial wound to a limb at most to immobilize the suspect.

    I support police as well as justified force. I have children, one of them very small and by no means expect criminals or violent individuals to be treated with kid gloves, but human life is more precious than this particular probation officers actions attest to.

  2. Johnny PO

    I’m a PO. Let’s get that out of the way. And if your reply to that last comment truly speaks to who you are than you probably think all PO’s kill innocent people, too. But, seriously, let me enlighten you…

    If someone goes for an officer’s gun, it is considered an act of “deadly force”. Policy states “…an officer is justified in using deadly force when they, or a fellow officer, reasonably believe they are in imminent danger of serious bodily injury or death…”. Now, I don’t know about you, but if someone is trying to take my gun, I would have ‘reason’ to believe they intend to use it on me – which in turn would cause ‘serious bodily injury or death’. I would be, as the officer is in this case, justified in using deadly force. Moral of the story: don’t try to take an officer’s gun away or you might get killed.

    Now, according to your piece here, you are wondering why a taser, or pepper spray was not used. I can tell you’ve obviously never been in law enforcement. First point – If he is trying to get your gun then you are very close to him (if not tangled up with him) and you are constantly in motion. How the hell are you going to get your pepper spray out and administer enough spray to incapacitate just him? Pepper spray (in order to be effective) must be fired from about 5 feet from your target. If you use it close up, chances are you will spray yourself. Second point – if you know anything about tasers, you know that during a one-on-one struggle, it is a very poor decision to deploy your taser because: you are taking focus, and a hand, away from protecting your firearm, and you will probably receive a very nasty shock that will incapacitate you, leaving you open to further harm. There is only one option left in this officer’s case – deadly force. It’s the offender’s fault for going for the gun. If you take the same situation and remove the fact that the offender was going for the gun, you would be completely right that the officer made a huge mistake.

    There are plenty of instances where cops are using bad decisions and shooting unarmed people. Especially during “no-knock” warrants. Believe me, I’m not “pro-cop” by any means. There is a lot of stuff that I disagree with. This is not one of them. He did the right thing whether you like it or not.

  3. admin Post author

    according to Canton police chief Brian Whitner “the officer was making a series of routine checks on former inmates” which leaves most citizens to believe it was in fact a ‘former inmate’ and not a current parolee. I inlcuded the link to that article at the beginning of my own comments, so you’re an idiot for not reading what my opinion was based on. Perhaps your ‘facts’ are based on another source, but it is no more credible than mine. And regardless, once the guy is laying dead in the street, it really doesn’t matter if he was current or not. That PO, shot point blank, and killed an unarmed man. While I agree that there was cause for force so the officer could defend himself, deadly force should not have been used in this situation. The one who made the wrong choice was the probation officer. I’ve been hearing way too many incidents lately, nationwide, of police using deadly force when a suspect resists … and while it certainly opens the doors for retaliation by the police, it does NOT give them the authority to become judge jury and executioner. Just because you’re some kinda pro cop person, it really doesn’t give you the right to go around pushing your bullshit opinion down other people’s throat. Makes me think you ARE a cop … if so … STOP KILLING UNARMED PEOPLE ASSHOLE!

  4. Support Police

    First of all your an idiot. Get your facts straight. The “ex-con” you referred to was in fact a current convict (probationer) and was being checked on as part of protocal. That officer did nothing wrong. The criminal went for the officer’s gun and the officer defended himself as he has been trained to do. No sympathy for the actions but much sympathy for the entire situation. My heart goes out to the family and to the officer who was forced to make that decision. The offender made his choice and unfortunately it was not the correct one.

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