Casey Anthony Spotted in TN

12.4.11 – Reported by Ed Brown

I was dropping Jennifer and Charlotte off at the Knoxville, TN airport on Sunday. They were boarding a flight to florida. I had said goodbye and turned back for one last blown kiss (which never came, by the way, emm hmmm). Standing on the non-passenger side of the “passengers only beyond this point” sign, I scanned the lineup of passengers when my eyes came to rest on Ms. Case Anthony about 5 passengers to the rear of my beloved(s). It was an instantaneous recognition, not the kind where you look and look and wonder. Something about her complexion, which as usual appeared to be about one bad morning away from another break out, is just impossible to miss. The hair as well, dark and constantly pulled back because she never has the time or inclination to do anything with it. But heaven forbid cutting it off, she may want to go clubbing one night, at which point it gets tended to. The low cut blouse which screamed “my hairs a mess, but look at these” … the brown suede mid-calf  “old navy-esque” boots; you know the ones, flat bottomed, in style last week but nearing their demise as a fashion statement as we speak. I noticed the guy behind her, keeping his distance (and the pictures prove it). Part of me wanted to run up to Jennifer and make sure she knew she would be flying to florida with a killer on board but then I remembered that Casey Anthony was found not guilty. So I just text her instead: “Case Anthony is behind you”. Her reply: “nunt uh!” …. which is your reply as well I’m sure so let it be known, I’m challenging Casey Anthony to come here on this blog and set me straight by repudiating my assertion that this was in fact her.

Casey Anthony sighting

Casey Anthony at the Knoxville Airport on 12.4.11 - click for larger









All I had was my phone camera so the photos suck, I admit. I had reduced the resolution intentionally so I could zoom out a few frames, although it didn’t help much. But if you’re anything like me, after seeing her mug on the tube every night for 2-3 years and witnessing her demeanor regularly, you can still spot her “aura” or “individual-ness” which is quite unique. The stench of guilt hangs around her and it always will. It’s my belief that Casey Anthony is still in prison. A much larger prison, but still prison by all regards. My son Alex, however, by the same token …. is free spiritually speaking. Yet his body and mind are forced to languish daily in a prison cell. There is an old saying that goes “It’s better for 10 guilty men to go free than for one innocent to wrongly suffer” and it’s based on biblical accounts: (Genesis 18:23-32):

Abraham drew near, and said, “Will you consume the righteous with the wicked? What if there are fifty righteous within the city? Will you consume and not spare the place for the fifty righteous who are in it?… What if ten are found there?” He [The Lord] said, “I will not destroy it for the ten’s sake.”

While Alex has never maintained his innocence, he was forthright with and cooperated with his accusers. He was convicted of a nonviolent crime which brought injury to no living thing, as a minor. Yet, he sits in prison while the OJ’s and the Casey Anthony’s, and the William Russell’s and the Steven Yow’s of the world go free, guilty of murder and molestation and church arson. The big picture is undeniable. Money buys freedom and the lack thereof, well … the DA has to refill that punishment quota somehow. Why not on the backs of indigents who can’t “pay to play”.


While you’re here on his site, won’t you please take a few minutes to read about our son’s quest for freedom and if you feel so inclined, sign his petition. You can do so anonymously and you can even leave a comment with your sig for all the world to read. We are busy faxing legislators and media outlets and celebrities and anyone else with a fax machine on Alex’s behalf, on a daily basis. Please visit our FAX for a Christmas Miracle page for more info and if you have the time send a couple of free faxes yourself, to the politician or media outlet of your choice. We’ve made it super easy to do, complete with all fax numbers, letter templates and FREE FAX software you can use right from your PC (smartfax absolutely rocks). Thanks for stopping by …  FREEALEXANDER.ORG

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