Fathers Day 2011

Today, June 19th, 2011 is a very dreary fathers day for me. While it’s true that I have many reasons to celebrate such as the promise of a new life, two beautiful grown sons that have all of their fingers and toes and a  stepdaughter from a previous marriage that never ceases to amaze me […]

The SBI is in Haywood County

Reports have surfaced in one waynesville publication as well as TV reports in asheville , yet there is still no reference to this very important story in the enterprise mountaineer. But basically, Roy Coopers SBI is there digging around the DA’s office, due to the resignation of Reid Brown. DA Bonfoey claims he asked them […]


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counsel on retainer

the last few weeks have found us in contact with post conviction legal counsel. Thanks to a generous donation from anonymous donors from within Kaycee’s very own church group that counsel has now been put on retainer and is currently in investigative stage I. It was the diligence of Kaycee in informing the Church of […]

updated media

just updated the media page to include a HD downloadable of the latest video as well as some new graphic images taken from the panels of the first video, a situation map, etc.


Please click the expand button in the lower right hand corner to watch fullscreen. Summary of “Story” with music by NickelbackTo download a HD copy for personal use click here. Picture Montage with music by Enrique IglesiasTo download a HD copy for personal use click here.

Motion for Appropriate Relief

The MAR is a vital document in that it gives someone incarcerated a chance to appeal to the court for one last gasp of air, so to speak, AFTER being locked up. One last look from a judge. ALL forms for motions, including the fabled MAR … go BACK through the original court. In this […]

Denied 6th Amendment ‘Right to a Speedy Trial’

It took 10 months (290 days) for the superior court of haywood county to rule on Alexanders case and pass sentencing. Considering that the defense was urging Alexander to plead guilty, with no rebuttals and zero repudiation … the case should have been heard and ruled on months and months prior. In all actuality it […]

Purpose & Intent

It is the purpose of this website to lay out the details of our son Alexanders case, keep a recorded log of all findings and happenings pertaining to his case, and bring awareness to his plight. It is our intention, considering the poor decisions and lack of judicial common sense shown in regard to our […]

Cruel & Unusual according to the 8th Amendment

Traditionally, the length of a prison sentence was not subject to scrutiny under the Eighth Amendment, regardless of the crime for which the sentence was imposed. It was not until the case of Solem v. Helm, 463 U.S. 277 (1983), that the Supreme Court held that incarceration, standing alone, could constitute cruel and unusual punishment […]