counsel on retainer

the last few weeks have found us in contact with post conviction legal counsel. Thanks to a generous donation from anonymous donors from within Kaycee’s very own church group that counsel has now been put on retainer and is currently in investigative stage I. It was the diligence of Kaycee in informing the Church of Alexander’s predicament that allowed their hearts to be touched.

I’m not sure who those folks are, but I’m convinced it’s the most work a dollar has done in this country in a very long time. They have supported not only Alexander, but the message that our Savior brought to earth. A message of justice tempered with mercy, not cruelty. What wonderful people and a wonderful legacy that shows their enthusiasm for promoting Christianity. I can only hope that I will one day be in a position to do the same for a deserving cause. To take some money and turn it into freeing another voice for Jesus … is as miraculous as turning water into wine. Thank you …

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