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Edward A. Brown,
I am Alexanders father

K.C. Garriss,

Rodney Garriss,

M.R. Buck Clark,

Richard Brown,

Karla Smith,

Jeremy S. Cribb,

Roger Cribb,
I am Alexanders Grandfather

Rev. Ken Cochrane,
We pray for fair treatment and justice according to N.C. own law's. I don't know of any person today that has not had to ask for mercy or forgiveness of other's including Judge's and Attorney's . I am not a person that believes it's okay to go about breaking the law and not be responsible for our action's. But i as a Pastor and our church ask of you that are in the position, to work with us that we could make a difference in Alexanders life. Please allow us as Alexanders church family bring him home, please let us help him find work to pay back what ever he owns. Please give him and we the church the chance to help him put his life back on the right tract. We will work hard and long with the order of law and we ask for the mercy of the Court to please give Alexander and us the church the chance to bring this young man in a right standing with the law's of N.C. Thank you to all of you who work in the Justice system for any help you could provide us with. God bless you for your help in this matter. Rev. Ken Cochrane.

please send this young man home to his family,,n GODS name,,

Tammy Piner,

Deborah Ellis,
I beleave this is wrong,And Alexander should be sent home.I know him he is a good young man.

Felicia Davis,

JoEllen Berryman,
This is not justice!!!! This is insanity!!!!

Etha Pate,
This is the second time I have seen "justice" work like this. It is not right!

Theresa Currin,

Dana Howell,

Robert Lee Hill Jr.,
Alex is a great young man.This is a great injustice that has happened to him.

Rose M. Johnson,
How can they call this justice?? Free this American. Sendhim home today.

Diane Davis,
This is not right! Free him and send him home he has served enough time!

Nikki Newman,
Send him home!!!

mrs. gilbert,
Your in my prays and know you have a WONDERFUL mother and family support. I don't know you Alex but I know Justice will be served right for you. I will continue to pray for you and your family. I know it's stressful and it's not where you want to be but continue to pray;kept GOD FIRST and HE will be your JUDGE!! Much love to YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!!!

Barbara Cochrane,

nicole sandy,

Berry Long,


Pastor Tammy Simmons,
We are praying for your family.

Tabitha Furr,
Prayer is a good place to start!

Jeanne Rhein,
This is unbelievable. It is certainly a clear picture of the Good Ole Boy System!!!!

Karen Stanton,
He made a mistake and has served more than enough time. Doesn't sound like he was treated fairly considering the circumstances I read.

Holly Fant,
its a shame that this child has to serve time that no others involved had to serve. and he had no criminal background! I have never heard of such unjust punishment from a court system. I understand of wanting to make a point about it but there are other ways about this than giving him a very unfair sentience. We are praying for you Alex!

Margie Jordan,

Dave Bayouth,
If the facts are as presented to me, this is an affront to our justice system and the American sense of fair play. I would like to hear the District Attorney's reasoning for such a harsh sentence and dogged prosecution.

Seems the only ones that can get away with anything are the ones whose family can pay them out or have family in higher areas. The Government is not fair and never will be. Out only hope is that God steps in and in time He will. Until that time, we will confinue to be stepped on repeatedly; in every way.

Susan Gore,

brenda [brown]zurlo,
Here in New Jersey most would get a slap on the hand.

Dana Walker,
Please Bring Alexander home .

Nicole Blake,
i will be praying for you and your family

Stephanie Howell,

Megan Wilson,

Hannah Aderholdt,
Free Alexander! This is un-fair and violates the 8th Amendment!!

jennifer jackson,


George Kelley,

Griffin bryn,

jennifer johnson,

Laura Aderholdt,
Free Alexander!

This is just a sad and tragic example of the way our justice system is corrupt. I pray for true justice to be swift!

Natasha James,
The punishment that they have passed down to this young man is a crime in itself!I am furious with our justice system!

L. Turner,

braxton barnes,

E.M. Sebestyen,
This is no justice. He should be with his family.


Ally Piner,
Please free my Big Brother and let him come home! He has been a big part of my life, and I aint seen him in a while and I do not like the injustice they are putting on him because it is deffinitly not fair at all!

Chris Piner,
Look this is my big brother and its not cool what they are doin to him so they should really set him free!

Diara Laubert,

Hanna Barnes,
I hope this helps.!! Help free him!! God Bless<3

Juanita Cayer,
six or seven yrs for defacing grave sites? Sex offenders have received less! This is outrageous!

allison brooks,


April L Vernon,
This is so wrong for someone who has never been in trouble before!! Free Alex!! My prayers are with you all during this time!!

Teresa Lindeman,
Time for him to come home!

DawnRenee\' Tucker,

Annie Ward,
will be praying for Alexander. God has not forgotten him, don't lose faith or hope.

Deborah Ford,
This is just so sad. Ya'll are in prayers daily.

Jennifer Armbrecht,
The punishment does not fit the crime. First time offenders are generally shown leniency, but the judge in this case seemed to have it out -- to want to make an example of a young man in his prime. Alexander has done more than enough time for those crimes committed by a whole group of young guys. It is time to let him have his life back, to let him have the freedom he deserves.

Stephanie Summey,

Elizabeth Casey,

Paulette Wertz,
Your family is in my prayers. May God continue to give you strength and uphold you during this most difficult time.

dale odom,
I feel so sorry


Bethanne McIvor,
The punishment does not fit the crime. It is shameful to know a court of law in the Untied States could be so injust. Alexander has not been given a fair chance and it appears he is not being given any opportunities to request a repeal. Last time I checked North Carolina is still part of the United States, but the court that issued such harsh punishment disn't seem to give this young man a fair and just trial.

Susan M Brown,
I belive that Alex deserves another chance at life. I trust that he learned a great lesson for his actions no matter how small a part he played in the crime that took place. Jesus Christ is always willing to forgive us for all our sins. We must be willing to forgive others. I truly believe that if you do the crime you do the time. I like you believe that his time was too harsh. I support his prison release as time served right now. I will also follow up with a letter to our Governor. My prayers will be with you all.

Judy Horne,
This is just absolutly unbelievable. I am so sorry and I will be praying for Alex until he is returned.

alisia elliott,


Paula Forbes,
I think our judicial system is disgusting and it has always been for the guilty and the innocent have to pay. You know, noone is perfect, if we were then God would not have sent his son Jesus Christ to die on a Cross to save us from our sins. Everyone deserves a second chance. I am sure the one's making these crucial decisions about Alexander's life have never needed a second chance in life and if it were there son or daughter, I can promise you the tables would be turned! He got mixed up with the wrong crowd, it has happened to the best of us. Alexander deserves a second chance and I pray that God would convict and touch the hearts that hold his life in thier hands. God have mercy on your people!

Eric Forbes,

Debbie C,
Do the right thing and send this young man home!@

Charity Cribb,

Maria Love,

Michelle Aman,
I am completely appalled that our government would act so harshly on this matter and waste tax payers money like that! Children get into trouble all the time and yes they need to be reprimanded over such behavior; however, not like that. The punishment should fit the crime. We have so many people who are guilty of violent crimes and receive nothing more than a slap on the wrist. If the judges want to start using people to set examples, they should start there with those who deserve that type of punishment!


Did I miss something - he was 17 and vandalized a cemetery with some friends - and he is still in jail. How is this helping society? He needs to be out and doing community service cleaning up the cemetery - not sitting in jail with his first offence.

Tricia Mayhew,

Bishop John Butler, Jr.,
I hope that this injustice is corrected quickly. Alexander, you & your family are in our prayers.

Stephanie Owen,
You are in our thoughts Alexander. Our family hopes you are rightfully released swiftly.


Pauline Phillips,


Silvia Muniz,

Crystal Jones,
so many lives lost already

elizabeth rivenbark,
People are wrongly accused and tried and sentanced everyday, and it takes caring special people to stand up for them.. their voice alone is not strong enough so I STAND!

Lora Bloodworth,

casey havener,


Kristina J. McCoy,


Jenna Baranowski,

Lauren Fowler,

Justine Bartlett,

free him


Sherry Sanders,

Anthony Leatherwood,

Nereyda Hernandez,
This is Unfair!!! FREE HIM!!!!!!!!

Angie Davis,
Found guilty of a misdemeanor, convicted and sentenced more heavily tham the man who assaulted me, and raped a woman in my town. This makes me sick.

Cona Bowden,

Darrius Walker,

Chelley Debose,
This is crazy...most murderers and rapists dont get this much time!

Jessica Todd,

R. DeBose,

Samantha Croom,

Jimmy Croom,

Michael Donnelly,
Alexander You are in my prayers. I Thank God for the open door He will be opening for your release. For those in haywood county I pray for each of you and on behalf of those involved in this case I ask the Lord to forgive you of your wrong doing. I will pray for you as well. Father protect & guide this young Man as he goes about his days. As a Minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ and a Prison Minister I have seen lives changed in many ways because of our prison system here in NC. I pray this over my young friend Alexander, (1Jn 4:18) There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.
For those whom are able to visit Alexander remind him that Christ Jesus is with him Always and when he fears his situation to remember the vs I just gave. Thank You Father for your hand in ALL that is I pray in JESUS NAME! Amen

John James,

Rev. Donna Phelps,
I am very sadden by your sons situation. Please I beg of you...DO NOT GIVE UP! We serve a mighty God and anything is possible. I feel your pain, as a similar situation occurred with my brother when he was 17yrs. old and it continued to escalate. He is now serving 106 yrs in NC's prisons as a habitual felon (attempted 2nd degree murder) There was never a weapon found, no physical evidence and he was considered mentally incompetent by Social Services. I ask you, what has happened to our justice system? The one's sentencing and guarding the inmates seem to be more corrupt than the prisoners. Well, I reckon it is a sign of the end times. Satan is running rampant. I will be in much prayer for your son. If I can ever do anything please let me know. Stay strong and trust in the Lord. He knows your pain. Just stand on His promises!

Rev. Terry Foss,
Sounds to me like this kid made a mistake and has learned his lesson. I've seen those who've done much worse get lessor time in prison. What'a wrong with our system. Let him go home, pay back the damage and get on with his life.

Will be praying!

Theresa Sanchez,
I feel your anguish! There are many young men and women, like Alexander who are and have fallen victim to manipulative injustices appropriated by those who are in positions of authority. I will continue to hold Alexander and his family in prayer!

larry pate,
we are praying for you alexander!

Frank Rohm,
Please sign this petition as you would hope others would do for you if this were your son. I hope that common sense and justice will prevail and send this boy back home as soon as possible.

Johnathan Miller,
This is unfair justice, and with God's help he will be home soon!!!

Your son's a very handsome boy. I hope he gets out soon.


Crime does not fit the punishment, unfair and unjust.

Kathy Smith,

Dana Sholar,
from what ive hear on this case, i think his punishment is absolutly not fair. i hope him and the family the best.

Thomas Burnett,
keep your head up. there's a special place for the people that do this to some one.

Gina Watson,

peace weaver,

Stephanie Noircent,
My first offense was a violent crime and I only got a year of incarceration. Please free this boy, he is only a kid!

Elizabeth Williamson,
I will start today praying everyday that Alexander will be free

Jennifer Fender,
Send Alexander home!!

Debbie Hornbeck,
He is in our prayers

Rose Long,
i may not know alot ab the father of this child,,Only that his heart is broken also, but i do ab the mother,and i see her heart broken,her soul lost without her son,Alex has paid more then enough time for his crime, Its time to set him free,, He had a sin,and has been forgiven,our LORD hung from the cross for those sins,NOW IT TIME FOR HIM TO COME HOME,FREE THIS CHILD!!!

Hardy Long,

Sheila Bing,
This is outrageous and disgusting. How can these DA's and Prosecutors and judges sleep at night?

zach ferguson,
alex is more than a friend he is a brother who has done more for me than any one else.they locked him up wrongfully to send a message. he needs to be free he is not a criminal he is a great person that would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.he needs to be released him being locked up is hurting more people then the "justice system" alex brown we will fight intill they do

fitz cannon,
let him go

WOW!!! What will the people we put into office think of next? This is beyond our comprehension but NOT beyond the comprehension of Sociopaths..... those that can do this and not look back, not think twice, not flinch an eye. A sociopath has no remorse no love and what is the most scariest no conscious. It's freightening to think there are people like this walking among us, but the statisics are 1 in 4. And, the majority hold government positions. I know God is with your son and will see him through this. I know you want this over now but God has his timing and we cant seem to change it. I know you know all this but I write it as just a reminder is all. My prayers are with Alexander and his family............... May God show his justice to mankind and soon. Let's FREE ALEX !!!

Vicki Carter,

brittney hannah,

Barbara Glamser,
It seems to me this young man is not being treated fairly and the other boys were able to walk somehow without serving time. Did someone get a payoff? Sounds like it to me. This boy has served enough time for his stupid actions. He needs a second chance and to be released for time served. This situation needs to be addressed now.

Maryrose Mazzaferro,

April Peterson,
This is insane! This boy needs to be home. I have never been so embarrassed by the judicial system!

Joshua Buchanan,
Praying that he will be out very soon.

Asiya McDowell,
Alex, I know you are a great young man and God really does have his arms around you. He loves you and so do your family and friends. Love you used to be aunt Tammy

Sheila C. Foust,
This young man who had no prior record was the only one of the 7 young men involved that cooperated with police, yet he was charged with nearly 100% of the crime. I ask you where is the common sense we look upon our courts to have. The punishment does not fit the crime.

In direct violation of the Constitution, Alexanders 6th & 8th Amendment Rights were grossly violated.

This young man deserves to be set free to begin a new life free from the injustice of the cruel punishment imposed upon him.

Do the right thing send Alexander home.

Angel Medford,


heather constante,

Haywood County court system is run by the people that have the money! WE are currently going through a similar situation!!! Keep ur chin up!

Lisa Jenkins,
I pray for this boy who's young adult life has been taken from him! This is Crazy!!! Let him GO!!!! An put the one's in prison that need to be there!!!! Making an example out of this young man is wrong!!! But there again this is HaywoodCounty!

Deborah Godfrey-Alam,
This is a definite miscarriage of justice. The story needs national media attention, i.e., Nancy Grace, Jane Valez Mitchell, 48 Hours, 60 Minutes, etc. Have you contacted the State Attorney General's office?

Renee C. Bonsignore,


Jamie Rowe,
Alex, i miss you terribly, and our amazing summer!.. I hope and pray you get out soon. We all miss you terribly!!!! I miss you Alex, good luck!!

I know Alex. I hope this injustice can somehow be reversed and he'll be outta there in no time. I'm so sorry you're all having to endure this.,
i dont no if u got it the first time so i did it again..your family are in my prayers

Elaine Renaud,
I don't know all the details of your case ... but it looks like you may have a good case against the state and hopefully would reap large financial damages here. (of course you would rather just have your son back home) Is there an appeal in the works? This is outrageous. God help this young man and his family.

Jennifer Peterson,

This is beyond disgraceful. We don't live in the Soviet Union or China. These official "OFFICIAL" should be indicted, tried and punished for their obvious unlawful play with the law and this young man's life. Pathetic examples of our Justice System. This is NOT Justice.

Sally Telford,
Alexander's punishment is way to harsh for what he did. Please reconsider because this is just morally wrong. Send him home to his family !

Donna Rabus,
As a Mother of two sons, I am saddened as to how Alexander is being treated. Please allow him to go home to be with his loving family. Thanks, Donna Rabus


nikki crow,

Tamber Crow,

tammy crow,
i have know alex for many years. he doesnt deserve the sentence he was given.he is a kind hearrted and caring young man.

Jessica Crow,
We all are praying for you and we want forget about you. Theres alot of people who really care about you and know who you really are.

Bobbie Sullivan,

dawn beal,

Amanda B.,

J. Sullivan,





cindy rzepecki,

Pat Goodwin,
This is an injustice where those who are wealthy receive the best of treatment. If you are not wealthy you do not have the same justice. This is outrageous.

Stephanie Summey,
This is unjustice at its finest. Imagine YOUR teenager joining in on a prank that harms no one and getting locked up for years for it. Away from family, friends, life... The court system shows no mercy for this young man. Such a shame and so uncalled for. FREE ALEXANDER!

Wayne Keel,
To the DOJ: You are not exempt from facing the wrath of the American people for your crimes. You are corrupt and will be dealt with accordingly when we take the country back, so it's in your best interest to set this young man free or else take his place when your regime abandons you!

Madison Cribb,
I love you cuzz, i hope u get out soon

tracy moore,

S. Lewis,

Will pray for true justice to be done for this young man. I'm certain he knows he made a mistake that night but this is beyond harsh for what he's done. God bless all those trying to help free Alex and god bless his family/friends. Hang in there Alex...

alexis watson,
He needs to be home with his family

Donna Thompson,
I feel this is an injustice to a young man that is being robbed of his rights as an American Citizen. Godspeed in your efforts to free him of this injustice!

Gabrielle Cole,
This story is beyond ridiculous.

Nick Tarlton,
A gross injustice that needs to be corrected for the good of all Americans that believe in Liberty and Justice for all.

Tyler McLamb,

Roshaun Terry,
Let him come home!!!!! The same thing is happening to my LO and this is insane . It seems the real criminals work for the judicial system

Such a miscarriage of justice!

Adaire Murray,
Many prayers going out to the whole family.....

Krysten Vetter,

Michael R Reed,
I am saddened at the injustice perpetrated on this young man by a court supposedly sworn to seeing "Justice" done. This is clearly a case of a rogue District Attorney trying to score political points at the expense of a young person, who like the rest of us, just made an understandable mistake in judgement!

William Armbrecht Jr.,
This is just plain crazy. I hope they free him soon! You have my support 100%

Molly Adair,
Free this man! Isn't it liberty and justice for ALL?!!

Lesley mycyk,

barbara armbrecht,
Free Alexander!

lynn fontana,

Crystal Taylor,
Please free this young man! I am praying for you and your family and for true justice in the state of NC!!!!

Dorothy Whilden,
I know this is a stupid question, but have you contacted the govenor? Have you thought about going on a talk show, to give the county bad publicity? Serioulsy. I'm so sorry this has happen to you and your family. I hope he gets out soon.

Thats so insane . . . i my self have been in prison,and i know many people that worse convictions than that . . . alot worse for example driving DRUNK and killing a mom and child . . . he only got 8 years!!!Another was a child molester and he only got 3 years!!!WOW im in shock this is absurd and redundant!!I would sign a million pettitions to help free this young man our government has its bass ackwards sometimes and this is truly a case of that!!!Free Alexander!!!!

steven long,

Ellen Compton,
Lord we pray that justice be serve soon to this innocent young man, and please touch the hearts & conscience of our politicians & let Alexander go home to his family, in Jesus Name, Amen!!!

Marc Thomsen,
Praying for justice, Alex.

Berry Long,
It is hard to believe that we raise out kids to be honest and own up when they are wrong only to see them be treated like they are the scum of the earth for being truthful while those that lie and cheat the system get away free and its an even bigger shame when the system does this because he is the new kid on the block and goverment wants to make a name for its self, its time to send this young man home to his family, love ya brother Alex

Truly a sad story! Sadly shows how pathetic our justice system is...its for the real criminals.

Tami Nicholson,

To the family,I am very sorry about the situation that Alexander is in,and I want stop for his release in Jesus Name.

Radu Heredea,



david malpass,

linda oppelt,
What a travesty for you to have to go through. I only hope that our signatures can make a difference for your son.


seems all the a*****es that have some sort of pull in law enforcement don't care until it's their own kid. best of luck.

Julie Howard Harrell,
This is crazy injustice!!!!!!!

Lisa Stormoen,

My prayers go out to you. I know some that had a 15 to life sentence for the sale of narcotics. Also a non violent weapons ever used. He had to serve 15 yrs & was a model prisoner, worked & paid rent for his cell and earned his Master's Degree while there. Upon getting released the parole board realized the sentence was extreme therefore gave him only 1 yr of parole. It took him about 3 years to really re adjust to society again. As of today he is a model citizen. Fifteen years while murderers & molestors are out in no time. I don't understand the fairness in all that. May God Bless you and your son.

His Support Girl,
Alex baby, never give up. I'll always be waiting. Im not going anywhere. He's a good man &deserves to be set free. I love you brown boys more than anything.

Society must not ignore the responsibility we have to demand fairness and ethics in our courts. I applaud your commitment to this battle.C J

Susan Estrella,
There is no excuse for such harsh punishment for this type of "crime" committed by a minor. Free this young man immediately, apologize to him and compensate him for his years in "justice" hell!

christine newell,
If the court's objective was to punish Alexander, he has surely been punished enough. If it was to teach him a lesson, then he has learned. He is a very young man, he must be given a chance to improve his life. He must be set free.

christine newell,
This young man has been punished enough. Set him free.

Penny Klementowich,
I am the mother of a son who is also "doing time" in the NC prison system.I've learned that the justice system is about money not about justice-it's about deals and who can make the best one-it's not about crime/punishment or the law at all.How can we as civilized humans allow this cruel and unusal punishment to stand-We as a society have created a monster when it comes to our "Justice system"-where judges/prosecuters/lawyers abuse their power at will and are free to interpret the "law" however they see fit...There is a word for this "JOKE" the only problem is if the "Joke" is played on you it's a nightmare...DO THE JUST THING- FREE Alexander and his family

Linda Reynolds,

Frederick Reynolds,

Marianne Mcbroom,

I wish you every success in bringing him home, where he should be.

Pastor John Culbertson,
As a Pastor as a Human being I am utterly appalled at this Judicial system ! Jesus died on a cross and suffered horrendously and Paid it all for each and every one of us! What the judge has done is an abomination to a young man who made a mistake and was probably just trying to fit in sub coming to peer pressure. When the Judge stand in Judgement before Jesus he will have to answer for his crimes against this young man!

Brett Reid,
I pray that our justice system will wake up and think about what they do to certain people. What they make them go through. I pray for u alexander. I also pray for others that have to suffer in situations such as yours.

Jenny Ball,

Laurie Studer,
This is simply an outrageous miscarriage of justice. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Tim Schutz,
I wish you the best of luck. It's a real shame to see a case like yours while here in Durham, the revolving door for violent criminals is constantly greased. Selective judgement and enforcement is the rule.


Samantha Hern,

Donna Coulter,
Alexander -
I've had the great joy of getting to know your father, and with him on your side, I believe that although the current situation is far less than ideal, you'll win ultimately. Have faith, and stay strong - people are with you, if not physically, most certainly spiritually. I'll be keeping you in my prayers.

Anna Lorance,
Praying for justice

Richard Waguespack,
Please help free Alexander. Many people in their youth have done similar things and would not repeat them as adults. Please have mercy.

Sheila O\'Sullivan,
The poor kid has learned his lesson. He doesn't deserve to spend any more time in jail for a childish prank.

A Full Pardon due to circumstances should be granted immediately.

Jane Rankin,

Johnathan R. Miller,
Bring Alexander home to his family. That is where he belongs, with his family.

earl k truvia,
given the benefit that this was a young cooperative kid absent parental guidance, first offender, concurrent sentence he should have been given, Alexander is not a criminal, re-sentence Alexander to a just and fair sentence validating corrective treatment in the interest of justice.

Maria Roy,
This is not right for what he did! I think 90 days would be max and after 45 be turned loose on probation. A year is a long time and this is so wrong in my eyes. Even working 80 hours for the county be better than jail time!

This is my brother and he's done well over his time, on that note free my brother...

Beverly Jenkins,

Courtney Coulter,
Will be praying, I dont know him personal but I know his yoinger brothers and sister and mother and step father! Wd all love you!!!!

Rose Lipscomb,
This young man took part in a childish prank. He has more than paid for his mistake. No one benefits from this absurdly harsh punishment.

A very sad state our system is today.People need to wake up and realize this can happen to anyone of us....even YOU ! Caring doesnt cost anything. Waking up to these realities is even better.

Lorene denham,
this is appalling. In numbers we can Right this wrong!it is an outrage that such people are in high positions to make such injustice.

Callie Strong,
I believe that it is time you let Alexander go home to be with his family. This kid has suffered enough, actually more than enough. Show some mercy and set him free.

Durward Calton 2nd,
This is simply appalling but so typical of "our" justice system. This young man made a mistake and should have been sentenced as a juvenile. At most he should have been fined and community service ordered. The system in N.C. panders to those who can buy their way out and you are "innocent till indigent". This case demands a review and due compensation for his time served. I will do all I can to bring this injustice to light!

Jacqueline lloyd,


Mary Fontana,

Shari Dearmon,
I am not the least bit surprised by the injustice done here. Even though I would not want to live in another country, I sometimes wonder why justice goes so horribly wrong in ours. Stay strong Alexander! And for those of you responsible for this young man's fate, SHAME ON YOU!!


Doug Ketterman,

Elissa Blevins,
I will be praying for Alexander. I can't believe this isn't on the national news!!!! This is awful!

Guadalupe Donnelly,
Keeping your son and your entire family in my prayers. I believe in your cause and in the innocence of your son and the so many that are convicted without evidence

I DO NOT believe that you did anything wrong and I hope you are free from incarceration?

Alexander Brown,
Thank you all for your support.

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    There s power in numbers. This system is anything but just. This can happen to anyone ! Even YOU ! Have an accident …get a ticket ! be in the wrong place at the wrong time whatever. There s story after story. What does it take…a little caring it does nt cost you anything. Sign this petition
    and pass it on. Please

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    It looks like another Christmas without our Son, but it wont be as long as it has been , Thank You God, for those who take the time out of their busy schedule to read and sign the petition. And may you Bless those who remember not only Alex but his Family as well in thier prayers every day….I’m truly grateful ;)

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    Diane Ransom

    I understand better than you know. You may be right. God may have a higher calling for this boy or you. You have to know the ugly (enemy) before you can fight for and respect the righteous. May It be the Father’s will, In the name of Christ I ask that he advocate on the behalf of your boy.

  4. Reply

    Deborah Ellis

    This is my sweet grandson. He does not deserve the type of punishment he was given.One day these people who gave him this sentence will have to account to God for this misjustice.But for now my grandson sits in jail for a none viotent crime. With more years than is fair for his type of crime.We love you Alex and we will never give up until you are set free.It is my prayer that someone will see this and help us remove you from this cruel misjustice that you have had to face.

  5. Reply

    Dad Post author

    XXXX XXXXXXX abolished the act of parole in 1994. Besides, my son has paid a high enough price for property damage with two precious years of his life. Perhaps the real criminals that operate the XXXXXXX county injustice system should be sent to prison and then afforded an early release on the condition that they start doing their jobs which is pursuing violent criminals that rape and murder instead of pinning those punishments on non violent offenders in order to keep their jobs. Your signature is appreciated, XXX …. but you missed the entire reason this website is here. Try actually reading the content.

  6. Reply


    What would you do if he was your son? would he have gotten the same treatment in court? have mercy on the boys soul! please show that you have some compasion!

  7. Reply

    Donna Rabus

    Please allow Alexander to be a free man. He has been treated very unfairly for too long.

  8. Reply


    Im so very sorry for your pain, Isend you prayers that you will have your child home.

  9. Reply

    Donna Rabus

    As a Mother to two sons, this saddens me how Alexander is being unfairly treated. Please bring Alexander back home to his loving family. Alexander and his family are in my prayers.

  10. Reply

    Tina Thompkins

    This is unfair and he should NOT have been questioned WITHOUT his parents…

  11. Reply

    fred cayer

    You and your family are in our prayers.

  12. Reply

    Bethanne Mann

    Alexander has served more than enough time for a non-violent crime. It is time to allow him back into society so he may prove himself as a productive citizen.

  13. Reply

    Lauren Fowler

    Please help Alexander.

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