The SBI is in Haywood County

Reports have surfaced in one waynesville publication as well as TV reports in asheville , yet there is still no reference to this very important story in the enterprise mountaineer. But basically, Roy Coopers SBI is there digging around the DA’s office, due to the resignation of Reid Brown. DA Bonfoey claims he asked them to come, but common sense tells us that DA’s don’t invite the SBI to come dig through their business. The SBI is there due to complaints, from and our many supporters. That place cannot continue to turn hardened criminals that rape babies, burn down churches and kill people …back out into society with a slap on the wrist, while my son rots in prison for a crime that resulted in no injury to anyone … NOBODY. He is being required to carry the punishments of these monsters because they had money to play ball with the big boys and Alexander did not. If you care about Alexander … or even if you don’t know him but are pulling for him and our campaign to free him, please use our social media tabs to share this story with your friends and ask them to come here and sign our petition.

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