Transcripts Complete

We received the last of 3 transcripts yesterday, July 14th from Waynesville NC and the Haywood County Courthouse. We now have all the details from the various Haywood County, NC court appearances Alexander made. We have the names of all parties involved, the dates and times, etc.

If I could I would send you to prison for every day possible. I would forget about you before I even got home. – Judge Mark E Powell speaking to Alexander and displaying undeniable judicial vindictiveness.

It is the job of a judge to be an impartial arbitrator between the prosecution and the defense, not show his ass and attempt to destroy a young life. Judge Mark E Powell is a pathetic excuse for a judge and an even worse example of a human being. He too will be judged one day very soon. I hope for his sake The Judge that oversees Mr. Powell’s trial of wrong doings has compassion and mercy on him, because judging from his behavior in court, he will be in need of much mercy and compassion.

The next 6 weeks should prove to be crucial.

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