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waynesville DA bonfoeyI was contacted this morning via email from the freealexander.org website contact form by a gentleman claiming that his own son had been processed through the same Waynesville nc/Haywood County nc court, with many of the same players as Alexander. I gave him a call and we talked for upwards of an hour. His son is pulling 10 years in state prison for a similar circumstance: Underage and guilty of adolescent mischief. The fella said that his son was afforded NO concurrent sentencing, just like Alexander. He was promised a deal by the assistant DA, Taylor Reid, but as soon as DISTRICT ATTORNEY MIKE BONFOEY entered the courtroom, that punishment was doubled to 10 years because they went back on their deal of offering concurrent sentencing. I find it absolutely disturbing that DA Bonfoey insists on destroying the lives of these young people in order to re-balance his dismal bottom line. My advice to Bonfoey would be to stop allowing deals AND concurrent sentencing to people like William Russell who raped a baby for 3 years, or Steven Yow who burned the Barberville Baptist Chruch fellowship hall to the ground causing 2 million in damages. He worked with those guys …. he afforded BOTH of them concurrent sentencing resulting in piss poor wrist slaps.

I know what you’re doing … I’ve known for some time now. I have the stats to prove it too. Bureau of justice stats compiled, and currently being compiled, by a bureau statistician. As soon as he completes his research, I’m gonna use them to write a book filled with your name. Look for it.

One last note: I asked the fella who sent me the email how he found the website. He said “I did a google search for “Waynesville DA” …. our web presence is beginning to take root. Each evening I do a little more optimization of this website. I plug us into one more social bookmark, or submit to one more article directory, or I convert articles to RSS and sumbit them into syndication.

Once I publish this post, I’ll go and, as usual, ping the site to over 120 RPC2 sites.

We exist.


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2 thoughts on “We exist

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    yes my name is shaun mcgowan im from XXXXXXXXX XX and im refering to a comment you made

    “My advice to XXXXXX would be to stop allowing deals AND concurrent sentencing to people like XXXXX XXXXXX who raped a baby for 3 years, or XXXXX XXXXX who burned the XXXXXXXX Baptist Chruch fellowship hall to the ground causing 2 million in damages. He worked with those guys …. he afforded BOTH of them concurrent sentencing resulting in piss poor wrist slaps.”
    now i dont know much about this da or the rapeset but i do know XXXX XXXXXX infact i consider him a very good friend and im not the only one who does XXXXX XXXXXXX might have burned down a church years ago but he didnt get a “piss poor slap on the rist” you have know idea abot what he went threw befor that not everyone is blessed with a good home not saying your alex was or wasnt but XXXX is an extremly kind and caring person always has been yea he made a big boo boo but please dont compare him to somethin such as a chiled rapest dont be so quick to judge cause thats one church burner i would take a bullet for and so would many others thank you.

    considerations of
    Shaun McGowan

    1. Reply

      Dad Post author

      \I don’t know Yow personally but I do know he caused 2 million in damages and pulled about 3.5 years in prison. The DOC shows he was released on 6/03/12. My comparison wasn’t between XXX and XXXXXXX’s crimes, but between the sentences they received by the same DA that charged my son. In a proper legal system, XXXXXXXX would have received the most time after he admitted to 3 years worth of child molestation and who was a previous felon. He received just 19 months for raping a little kid for years. While church arson is a tough crime, it in no way comes close to the abuse of a child. For what it’s worth, I never did find CXXXXX in the XXDOC.

      The comments I’ve made are to draw contrast between others in XXXXXX who have committed much worse crimes, both morally and financially, and my son who was involved in a group crime that netted just $15,000 in damages but costing him 6-8 years of the best years of his life. XXXXXXX and his pet attorney(s) – of which I know of one, XXXX XXXXXXX, and I suspect there are more – are playing the system to reap the rewards of prosperity and influence. It’s guys like my boy who pay the ultimate price for their corrupt legal practices. And I may be unsuccessful at exposing them for what they are – they have a pretty tight racket going there. But like us all, they’ll stand and answer for their transgressions against humanity one day.

      As you’ve stated, these types of circumstances are difficult for everyone, and yes, even good people make poor split second decisions and get in trouble with the law.

      Your testimony to XXX’s good nature is a benefit to him. I hope he finds his way to success and makes his folks proud.

      I hope the same for my son as well.

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